Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re-Cap: July 2010, Part 2

So sleep is not my friend tonight/ this morning. Not that I advocate giving up at things in life, but I am giving up on sleep for at least the next little bit! But that's all I am giving up on!! :)

So, shall we continue on in July?

The weekend after the 4th was girls' weekend!!! Yay!!! One of my favorite events of the year! Now I know what you're thinking...girls' weekend. I am a boy. What does this have to do with me? Well my little sugar plum, we have let you in on our trip! Every year Noni, Aunt Carrie and I go to the beach for a girls' trip and since you have come along you have been an honorary guest. We have always had so much fun! We go to Charleston every year and to Folly Beach. This year we had so much fun that we stayed an extra day and went to the aquarium too!!

So anyway, yeah, I know, cut to the pictures mom!!!

My little beach bum!!! You LOVE the sand and the water. You couldn't be happier hangin' on the beach! You got into some serious sand work this year (and what sand villages would be complete without Thomas, Lightning McQueen and Mater?!), charged into the ocean braver than ever, and tried out a boogie board for the first time! Wow!!

I love these- you enjoying the sand with Oreo cookie crumbs all over your face! Just very precious to me!

You were kind enough to take some time to play/ hang out with us too.

You enjoyed the hotel a lot

And here are some pictures from the aquarium. Mommy, being the good mommy that I am, even took you to see the snakes (I would say they are my all-time greatest fear, but given current circumstances, I'll just say they are right up there near the top!)

We got to pet a baby alligator- oh my was mommy ever a nervous wreck to let you get so close to him!

We had such a fun trip and you always make it so much more special!! What a special little guy you are to this family!!

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