Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Post

Okay, so thanks to Rachel, I decided to start a blog, mainly for Matthew, so he'll have this on-line journal of our family for when he is older. Wish I had thought of this 4 years ago rather than holding on to the idea that I would someday get around to scrapbooking and all, but I didn't. So better late than never! I hope to re-cap our summer so far in the next day or so to catch us up to present time.


  1. This will be fun reading, Kelly! One of my favorite memories is when Matthew announced that he was going to build a treehouse. He wasn't worried that it was too big a job for a three-year-old, because "Pa will help!"

  2. Yay Kelly! Blogging is fun. Pretty sure nobody really reads mine, but hopefully the kids will read it one day. :)