Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Letter to Matthew- God will never leave you/ My inspiration

Hey sweet angel! You know yesterday, we were in the grocery store and I called you my sweet angel. You kept insisting that you were NOT an angel. I finally asked you if you weren't an angel, then what were you and you immediately said "A big boy!" That seems to be your quest in life right now- to be a big boy. You are growing up way to fast. I can't believe that you will be 4 in October. I'm sorry I didn't start this blog for you earlier. I had lots of good intentions- a journal for you, photo albums, scrapbooks, special letters on your birthday and at Christmas. But here it is, almost 4 years later and that stuff isn't done. I will do my best to re-cap your 3 1/2 years here with us and keep up with current times too.

If there is anything that I want you to know in life, boo bear, it is that you are loved. I hope through this blog and it's pictures, letters and stories, you will see what a blessing you have been in so many lives and how very much you are loved by so many people. Especially me and Daddy. You bring so much hope to me. I have watched you struggle through tough times, through your baby and toddler years and you always triumph through. You are such an amazing person to me and my inspiration.

Matthew, when you were around 18 months, we had you evaluated for developmental delays. There were things you should have been doing, particularly in the communication department, that you couldn't do. Mommy and Daddy wanted to get help to you and Mommy wishes I had done it sooner. The first person we met was Mr. Mark. He was like your case manager and always made sure that you got what you needed. You always got excited when he, or any of your therapists for that matter, came over. You started speech therapy with Mr. Josh when you were 20 months old. Around 22 months we added Occupational Therapy with Miss Corey and Miss Beth. Later on, maybe around 2 1/2 or so,we started seeing Miss Kristine, a social worker, who helped with behaviors and things like that. You always worked really hard with your therapists and made INCREDIBLE strides. By the time you aged out of the program at your 3rd birthday, they were ready to discharge you anyway because you had done so well! At this point you still have some delays and Sensory issues. And at your 3 year evaluation you were diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified). You have had to work harder than most kids to learn to talk, communicate and do other things. You have worked SO hard and Mommy and Daddy and everyone around you are SO proud of you. You are a little fighter, my friend, and you are coming out on top. Always remember that there is no challenge that you can't get through with your family's love and support and most of all GOD. Mommy and Daddy and maybe other friends and family can share stories on here of challenges that God has brought us through. And I definitely have some! But that's for another day, precious. For today, Mommy just wants you to know that you are my hero for continuing to persevere through all of your challenges. And I want you to know that your family will always be by your side. And most importantly, God will always be by your side. Nothing is impossible when you have God by your side.

Here is a picture of you and Mr. Josh

And here you are with Miss Corey

Matthew, never forget all you've accomplished in your short, young life. Your family is always here for you and God will be with you always. You continue to be my inspiration and give me hope. Thank you.

I love you,

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  1. Dear Matthew,
    Your Mommy is so right about being loved. You don't know it, but I call Mommy a lot to find out how your day was, and I always tell her to give you kisses from me. I love you so much, angel. Your Mommy was also right about you being a fighter; never lose that aspect of you! I had a lot of problems when I was young too. I fought through them, just like you have. I am so proud of you! I love who you are. You are an inspiration to me as well. I love seeing the world through your eyes. You always remind me of how God loves us.
    Love Always,
    Aunt Carrie