Saturday, July 24, 2010

Re-Cap: Your Birthday

Good morning Sugar Bear! We are enjoying a quiet Saturday morning at home. We've been on the go so much lately that I think we are all enjoying a quiet morning at home. Daddy is sleeping. You are happily catching up on all your shows on Playhouse Disney. And Mommy....well Mommy should probobly be working around the house and all, but I have a quiet moment and thought I would blog instead. I wanted to continue your story from yesterday and tell you about your birthday, the day you were born.

So yesterday I told you that you were born at 12:40 am on Friday, October 27th. You were 9 pounds and 21 1/2 inches. You had a little bit of a complicated birth. You had the chord wrapped around your neck and had inhaled meconium. Mommy was very weak for a number of reasons, but finally you came out to greet us! Dr. Wolf held you up briefly and then you were wisked away. Daddy and Noni went to be with you, but then Mommmy started having some problems and Daddy came back to be with me ( I kinda made him- he really wanted to stay with you!). But anyway, your Noni got to be the first person to hold you! Then Daddy got to hold you. Then Daddy took you to the door where Pa was waiting (Pa stood outside the door for the whole 2 hours of delivery that it took!) and Pa got to hold you. Everyone got to hold you but Mommy! Finally Mommy was taken care of and at 1:20 am, forty minutes after you were born, Daddy placed you in my arms. I can't explain the rush of emotion that I felt. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It was instant love and protection and just everything. I never wanted to let you go. And I cried and cried (happy tears of course!)

Pa caught our first moments together on the camera

You nursed for a long time and then they took you to the nursey. Mommy didn't want to let you go!

Daddy went with you to the nursery. Here is your first bath.

You LOVED being under the heat lamps!

The next day you got lots of visitors!! Here are Noni and Pa with you.

Aunt Carrie

"Aunt" Shelli and Lizzy came to visit you

And your Nana, Papa and cousin Emily drove all the way from Mississippi to come see you! And your Aunt Sarah drove all the way from West Virginia!

Everyone was so excited to meet you! It was an absolutely wonderful, perfect day! You have such a wonderful family who love you sooooo much and love each other sooooo much! You are a very very lucky little boy. We have lots of pictures of your first few days in the hospital with Mommy and Daddy, but I have run out of time for now. I love you precious!

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