Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Re-Cap: June 2010

We had a really fun month in June! A couple of highlights were my birthday (Matthew helped make the cake!). Also, traveling to Norfolk, Virginia to see my best friend from college, Jessica, and her family. And at the end of the month Matthew and I went to his first VBS at our church which we both absolutely LOVED!! What a great month we had!

Matthew, Patrick and Pa (my dad) really got into flying airplanes on the Wii this month.

My birthday

He wanted a band-aid on his forehead. I didn't since it was my birthday and there would be pictures, but you choose your battles.

When we went to Virginia, Matthew absolutely LOVED playing with Jess' little boy, Zach.

Jess and I

Jess and I with our boys- Matthew 3 1/2 and Zach 17 mo. (and baby boy #2- due in early October)

And last, but not least, VBS!!!!! Or maybe I should call it Extreme VBS!! You know Mr. Jim can't just not go over the top with it all! VBS was awesome!!!

The theme was "Seaquest: Diving for God's Treasure"
Check out the decor.....

Then you add in Mr. Rob Biagi for praise and worship....

And we can't forget the cool blacklight show!!

All equaled one INCREDIBLE VBS!!! Thanks everyone at PRCOC for your hard work!


  1. Testing, testing, testing

  2. Dear Matthew:

    I am your great grandfather whom you have never seen. I will attempt to post my picture after I finish my comments. Just so you know, I am 6 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 350 pounds. Perhaps that is why I am your "great" grandfather. Someday I hope to get to Charlotte to see you in person.
    You take care and I'll write to you again very soon.