Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Camera Phones

Yes, camera phones. They are nothing new. We have had cameras on our phones since before you were born. They are pretty much standard on phones now. But oh my, have they come a long way! Daddy took you to the park yesterday and these are some of the pictures he took on his phone. Better than what we get on our camera! I can't imagine where technology will be when you are old enough to care about this blog- you will probably roll your eyes at my amazement! But I am completely blown away by these pictures your daddy took of you....on his phone!!!


  1. Those are good pics. What kind of phone does Patrick have?!

  2. A Droid 2. He's been bugging me to get a Droid forever now and I have been super resistant, but he is slowly selling me....these pictures might have done it...