Thursday, September 2, 2010

Technology Whiz

Yes, you are your daddy's boy and you are a technology whiz. You continue to amaze me every day with your knowledge of how things work. Months ago you astounded me that at just three years old you could get on the computer and get to your computer games, not only play them by yourself but navigate around the website all by yourself! Well tonight you did it again. You my friend, taught me, your 32-year old mom, how to play games on daddy's Droid. And you're only three! I can't get over it. At one point you were actually moving my fingers to the right places to push and all because I was confused. I just have to shake my head in amazement at you! You are one technical whiz! Definitely your daddy's boy! Here are some pictures of you on Daddy's Droid tonight playing games. (Daddy took these on his other Droid....don't ask!)

In this one you look just like your daddy. And thanks for teaching me how to use the Droid boo bear! I know I'll need your help in the coming years (what the heck, I need your help now!)

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